AE Tool of the Week: Rocker Knife  

Rocker Knife

This is the first product featured for the AE (adaptive equipment) tool of the week.  Each week I will pick one piece of adaptive equipment that will help people cook more independently. I always add a lot of vegetables to my meals and am continually chopping.  I wanted to explore natural and efficient ways for chopping, so this week I have chosen a rocker knife.

What is it?

A rocker knife is a great tool for individuals who have limited use of their hands or decreased grip strength.  It is especially useful for individuals with Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, or history of stroke. A rocker knife requires less force and dexterity than an ordinary knife for cutting.  Instead of the typical two-handed technique for cutting which requires the use of a fork and knife, the curve blade of the rocker knife allows for food to be cut with a rocking motion.  This allows for food to be cut with only use of one hand.  Individuals who require one-hand cooking techniques would particularly benefit from this adaptive tool.  The handle is designed for increased comfort for your hands so you do not have to apply as much pressure as a regular knife.

For easy cutting, get your rocker knife here.

During my shopping trip at Bed Bath and Beyond today I found this handy gadget that is similar to a rocker knife.  The Herb and Salad Chopper easily chops lettuce and fresh or dried herbs.  It can also be used to mince onions, garlic and nuts.  You can also buy this gadget from Amazon.

Want a sneak peak at more adaptive equipment to be featured? Check out my Kit here:

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