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AE Tool of the Week: Dycem


For this week’s adaptive equipment tool of the week, I’m going to discuss how Dycem is one of the best solutions for safe cooking.

What is Dycem?

Although this item may not be categorized as a standard kitchen tool, it is highly beneficial for cooking purposes.  Dycem typically comes in a roll where you can cut pieces for your unique meal preparation needs.  You can cut pieces of Dycem in various shapes and sizes.  Dycem material is non-slip and is the perfect stabilizer for mixing, chopping, and other cooking methods.  This tool is also a great solution for stabilizing dishes for self-feeding.

Cooking on a non-slip surface is essential for kitchen safety.  Dycem can be used for cooking for individuals with one-hand or limited use of the upper extremity.  Dycem stabilizes your mixing bowl, grater or cutting board for you so you do not require use of two hands.  Its’ non-slip property allows you to prepare food safely without worrying about sliding or spilling.

Benefits of Dycem

Using Dycem allows you to focus on improving your posture and grip strength while engaging in a cooking task.  With Dycem, you can practice better body mechanics and joint protection.  In order to make this possible, make sure your work surface is the appropriate height. Dycem can also be used as a visual aid for individuals with visual-perceptual difficulties, .  Wrap Dycem tight around pot handles, grab bars, and walkers for better grip.

To conserve energy, prepare your meal while seated at a table or set up a tray table.  Simply place the piece of Dycem onto your work surface and place the cookware your recipe requires directly on top of the Dycem to stir, mix, etc.   Use two pieces of Dycem or one long piece and place your cutting board and bowl over the non-slip surface.  Once you finishing chopping, transfer your cut ingredients directly into the bowl without spillage or slippage.


Picture: Dycem used to stabilize coffee mug while opening a tight lid

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