About Me

My Vision

I started this website to educate and enlighten individuals living with chronic diseases, physical disabilities or cognitive impairment.  It is likewise intended for families, friends and clinicians.  My clients inspire me and drive me everyday.  I see potential and ability in all individuals I meet.  I believe food has a powerful connection to our mind, body, and overall quality of life.

Working in the home setting has given me numerous opportunities to incorporate home management skills into my client’s treatment sessions and goals.  I have always had a passion in cooking and love working on cooking skills with my clients.  Having the ability to cook healthy well-balanced meals for oneself and with or for others is an opportunity that everyone is capable of.  With the proper education, adaptive equipment, and environmental modifications, we can work together to achieve independence in the kitchen.

Meet the Founder

Nicole Trubin, MS, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist and Founder of Tru-Therapy Kitchen

I am an occupational therapist with experience with the geriatric population in their home setting.  I graduated with my Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy in 2014 from The University of Scranton. In early 2015, I began working as an OT practitioner. I treat clients in their home and community which includes his/her private home, assisted living facilitates, and adult day care centers. I have been introduced to a unique clientele who have inspired me to be the best clinician I can be.  My mission is to help my clients regain independence in their lives and continue living life to the fullest.

I grew up with an Italian mother who I attribute my cooking skills to.  Every evening, while my mom was cooking dinner, I would sit at the kitchen island and watch her as she prepared a delicious meal for our family.  My grandmothers are both amazing cooks as well, and I have had opportunities cooking with them for the holidays.  A few years ago, one of my grandmothers fell and broke her wrist.  Of course, acknowledging I am an OT, she called me up and asked if I could assist her with cooking for Passover.  I got a free cooking lesson and she got a free OT treatment session…it was a win win!

Since I have graduated from college, I have shifted my eating habits to more healthier options.  When I first moved home for college, I took over my parent’s kitchen and transformed our meals with healthy, nutritious recipes.  Most of my ideas early on were taken from cookbooks and pinterest but I would always change them to make them my own.  I have found a passion in cooking and want to help more people gain confidence in the kitchen.  This website was created for this reason and I hope others can find as much joy in cooking as I do.


I am a Kit creator.  Kit is an online community to discover grouped essentials for activities including cooking, travel, photography, and fitness.  My kits include products and resources for cooking more independently.  I select items for my kit that are will enable individuals to build confidence in the kitchen.  For a look at my hand-crafted Kits, check them out here.