Learn to promote or gain independence in the kitchen.  Whether you are an OT practitioner, caregiver or client, I want to teach you cooking strategies and so much more.


The key to cooking more independently lies within the tools and techniques you use.  Explore adaptive equipment, kitchen modifications, and energy conservation techniques to master your cooking skills.


After you achieve competence in learning about adaptive equipment, kitchen adaptations, and energy conservation techniques, let's get cooking!  Follow along with my recipes and send me your success stories.

My Mission

Cooking and baking is an activity I have always enjoyed.  While working as an occupational therapist and treating individuals with chronic diseases, I have incorporated cooking and meal preparation into numerous treatment plans.  Cooking requires both physical and cognitive skills to safely carry out a recipe.

Using cooking as a therapeutic activity helps to engage the client and provide them with a sense of purpose.  Preparing a meal for one’s self and loved ones is such an important role in our culture and gaining independence with this activity is a great accomplishment.

I strive to help individuals gain confidence and independence in the kitchen.


I am a Kit creator.  Kit is an online community to discover grouped essentials for activities including cooking, travel, photography, and fitness.  My kits include products and resources for cooking more independently.  I select items for my kit that are will enable individuals to build confidence in the kitchen.  For a look at my hand-crafted Kits, check them out here.